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The Word NOÕS came to Us from the Ancient Greek Language, and it means MIND - Enlightened Mind of Luminous Planet: NOÕSPHERE! Where is, SPHERE - it is All Our Planetary Globe, The Sphere  of Unity Consciousness,  of Crystalline Healing Arts and Spiritual Science for Inner Transformation, Planetary Harmonization via Mystic Arts, Crystal healing, Ancient Mantras and Sacred Sites, Alignment with Natural Seasonal Celebrations  and the Ancient Traditions of Cultivating the Mother Nature Spirit - Connection, common to All True Yogis and  Siddhi Zen Masters...

Best Art Collections

The Best Art Collections
The Best Art Collections is Happy to Introduce for You the Most Mystical and Healing Paintings (Original Copies ) from the Most Famous  Professional Artists and Quantum Healers.

All Pictures can be Created by order in extra 3D Luminous Effect ( sparkling during the Night)...

You are WELCOME to Our Gallery Online:


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